"As someone who has 'everything under the sun' marketing wise, I wondered why I needed this when I initially read your offer.

After I downloaded the collection and printed it out, it sat on my desk for several days before I had enough downtime to dig in.

What you've assembled is incredible!

Without technically being a copywriting course, this must surely BE one of the most valuable copywriting courses there is because you learn from one of the most successful copywriters and marketers of all time from his ACTUAL WORK...which few have ever laid eyes on before.

The Persuasion Patterns also lend a valuable key for recognizing, understanding and implementing the infinite ideas in this collection.

In the right hands, this collection could be worth millions."

Leonardo Habegger, Zurich, Switzerland

"Downloaded in a blink, printed out clearly. Also, printed out the Schwartz 100, punched and into a 3-ring binder. Have been reading 'one-a-day' as my daily copywriting vitamin. Thanks."

Dr. Jack Booman

"If I were marooned on a deserted island and could have only one great collection of ads, it'd be this incredible archive of Eugene Schwartz's ad."

Tom Long, Seattle, Washington

"After years of searching (desperately) for copy written by the legendary Gene Schwartz, the only ad writer ever to have sold an estimated Four Billion Dollars worth of books and other direct response products (writing about 4 hours a day), to finally own a collection of more than 100 ads written by Schwartz is beyond description.  I feel like a bag of priceless jewels has just been handed to me.

Any serious direct response copywriter who studies these brilliant ads, and writes each one out by hand, will learn at the unconscious level not only how to WRITE like Gene Schwartz, but more importantly how to THINK like Gene Schwartz.  Studying these ads has revealed to me so many insights into the way Schwartz selected key words, phrases, how he strung sentences together to make impact with the fewest words possible.  These ads are LOADED with short cuts, secret formulas, proven layouts, attention grabbing headlines, sub-heads and so much more...sheer genius when assembled only as Gene Schwartz could.

I now own two copywriting resources that I will never part with:  My Bencivenga 100 Seminar DVDs and Transcript, and this set of truly priceless ads by Gene Schwartz.  Everything else can go...but these two are the keys to fortune as a direct response copywriter and entrepreneur."

Bill O'Connell, St. Charles, Illinois

"When I began my career as a copywriter in the 1980's, one of the first things I did was copy one of Gene Schwartz's ads... word for word onto my computer. It was a letter selling a book on curing yourself using WATER of all things. If you just read his ads/letters, you'll miss plenty. By the time I was typing out the third paragraph of page 6 or so... I was convinced this guy is a "god"... why... because Gene said his water book would cure "brain congestion".... WHAT? I had never heard of "brain congestion" but I was sure I had it. Anyone would be a damn fool....or have "brain congestion"...  to try to be in the advertising business without having a decent collection of Schwartz ads. It will write on your soul. And stuff bucks in your pocket."

Linwood Austin, Salt Lake City, UT

"My God - if there's a copywriter reading these lines right now, trying to decide "should I invest in Lawrence's material on this site?"...I just want to say to them: IT IS worth it. There is no other way to get rich. If you've been to any copywriting seminars,
where exactly are the people you're learning the techniques and strategies from...learning THEIR techniques and strategies? Thin air?

Of course not!

They come from studying ads. You need examples to study while looking at the tactics and strategies you’re being taught. But you need to learn from world class examples...and that's what you have here..

Jason Rakowsky, Toronto, Canada

"I get loads of emails from online marketers looking to sell me stuff to improve my marketing, but I trust Lawrence to deliver quality every time. With the Schwartz collection, he really has, well done it (again)."

Jamie Sylvian
CEO & Publisher, Spread Trade Insider.com

"You're just giving that away! You're nuts."

Mark Joyner

"Toyed around with an old-as-dirt ad of mine using an idea fished out of your collection.

The result -- response is up nearly 33%. Several more tests in the works."

Mike Daly, New York, NY









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